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Our uniformed technicians are fully insured professionals. We arrive on time in uniform and a marked van with the tools to complete the job right.

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elevator doors

We provide them of all kinds (Automatic, Separates, Hospitals, Factories, Stores).We import them directly from many countries of the world
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Home lift …We offer many different types and marks, including, but not limited to, staircase wheelchairs, vertical platforms, hydraulic villa elevators and platforms installed on the entrance staircase of the buildings, all of which match the European elevator code.
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Supply and installation

All of these are identical to the Egyptian elevator code and different types that fit all loads and buildings very suitable for villas, hospitals and residential buildings.
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Moving stairs

We import them from the major Chinese companies with the quality, conformity and certification that match the world's electrical staircase codes The engineering company's moving stairs are characterized by their safe and distinctive performance with ease
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Fully imported elevators

Our company is supplying and installing fully imported elevators. We have all its spare parts. The company has a precedent for major projects as well as.
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Our company provides maintenance services by experienced and highly skilled art crews to meet the customer's needs at any time throughout the day. Provide a comprehensive maintenance service for all types of elevators
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