All of these are identical to the Egyptian elevator code and different types that fit all loads and buildings very suitable for villas, hospitals and residential buildings.

The installation service at the highest level is provided by selected senior engineers and technical staff, with periodic maintenance service at uncompetitive prices, because we are the first hand of major world and European elevator companies with a long experience of over 50 years of world service with an Egyptian hand. Our company has a distinguished team of skilled engineers and technical staff. We have the ability to install all kinds of elevators and make them available as well as the full experience in all installation systems and methods. (Installation of overhead as well as bottom machines) hydraulic systems in direct or indirect propulsion; We carry out all the complementary and basic work on behalf of the client with great experience and efficiency, whether to equip the elevator well, create a well in the absence of an elevator well or create iron towers. Construction and installation of machine rooms of all kinds and work of trimming and decoration around the elevator well